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Tahoma Indian Center


Wellness Activities

Such as first foods, self defense classes, youth programming and Canoe Journey Herbalists (CJH).

Canoe Journey Herbalists are collaborating to partner with the Tahoma Indian Center to provide herbal care and traditional healing to our Indigenous relatives every Monday from 9-1pm. 

This space is a place for healing and connection. It is about meeting our relatives where they are at, and supporting people in creating their own healing. The clinic is created by indigenous people for indigenous people, and supported and staffed by a community of bipoc healers who volunteer weekly to serve their relatives. We refer to all those we work with as relatives, never patients or clients, because our names for each other honor our relationships and mutual journeys in healing.  The healing space is modeled after CJH community care model, provides no cost and low barrier care in the form of; hot herbal Tea, weekly herbal medicine giveaways, herbal footbaths and foot care, wound care and 1st aid triaging, 1 on 1 herbal consultations + acu detox.

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Cultural activities with resident elders

Such as carving, weaving, regalia making.

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