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Mental Wellness

Carving as Medicine, Grief and Loss,
Substance Challenges

At Tahoma Indian Center, our mission is to provide support and resources for individuals struggling with mental wellness, opioid addiction, processing grief and loss, and other mental health challenges. We understand that these issues can be difficult, but we are here to help you navigate through them. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing culturally-sensitive services for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


Teen Mental Health First Aid

We understand that mental health challenges can be difficult for individuals to navigate alone. That's why the Tahoma Indian Center offers a comprehensive certification program for high school students interested in learning how to positively support their peers. Through this program, students learn to recognize the warning signs of mental health challenges and how to provide effective support to those in need and when to get help from trusted and knowledgeable adults. We believe that by empowering our young people, we can create a more compassionate and supportive community.

Camp Rosey transparent.png

Camp Rosey

At this camp, TIC (Tahoma Indian Center) is creating a safe and nurturing environment for indigenous and BIPOC youth who have lost a loved one. Through culturally relevant sessions, community-centered care protocols, and wellness practices, TIC is providing a cultural container that supports healing and  processing grief. Camp Rosey, named after a relative of our Executive Director, this camp  honors Rosey's vibrant spirit and love for karaoke, fireworks, music, and family. Rosey's family serves as the inspiration for this camp, recognizing the importance of a supportive community for the growth and well-being of our young ones.Currently, TIC is holding monthly community gatherings to gain feedback from participants and community to better plan our next camp. These gatherings serve as a platform for community members to share their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas, ensuring that the camp continues to meet the needs of the indigenous youth. By actively involving the community in the planning process, TIC aims to create a camp that truly resonates with the cultural values and aspirations of the participants.


Carving as Medicine

At Tahoma Indian Center, we are dedicated to preserving the traditions and culture of the indigenous people of our region. Our Master traditional carver, Rick Williams, is available three days a week to teach members of the community the art of carving and share his life experiences and wisdom. Carving is a therapeutic and relaxing process that allows one to focus and process their thoughts in an intentional and thoughtful manner. Join us at Tahoma Indian Center today to learn more.


Survivors of Suicide

A suicide survivor refers to someone who has experienced the loss of a loved one due to suicide. It includes friends and family members who are left behind to navigate the aftermath of such a tragic event. These individuals often face a unique set of challenges, including profound grief, guilt, confusion, and a range of complex emotions. Our program recognizes the significance of supporting suicide survivors, acknowledging their pain, and providing a space where they can share their experiences and find comfort among others who have gone through similar circumstances.

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