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Shared agreements

These are the agreements of community for holistic wellness and solution based problem solving. TIC created these with the assistance of community and our board members for better communication and community revitalization.

We work through conflicts using a talking circle to hear each others truths

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  • We find holistic solutions through meaningful consultation and dialogue

  • We are action oriented  and committed to making progress.

  • We are patient and listen compassionately to each other.

  • We start and end difficult conversations with prayer and song.

  • We encourage people to "be like the coyote" and ask questions.

  • We witness and hold accountability.

We honor the indigenous cultures, languages, knowledge and traditions of all native people we serve.

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  • We continually ask how we can do things in a way that aligns with our culture and our values.

  • We work together to decolonize our minds and communities.

  • We recognize the long history of colonization that has kept us from practicing our culture and realizing our potential.

Everyone is valued. Children are sacred. Elders are revered.

  • We ask that people need to feel supported at the center and do what we can to accommodate different abilities and create a sense of belonging.

  • We will not allow abusive language or violent behavior that would make people feel unsafe.

  • We will keep the center free of alcohol, drugs and firearms.


We acknowledge the pain, grief and triggers that each of us have.

  • We allow space as people need it and extend support when they are ready for it.

  • We show respect and appreciation for each other and the center even when there are disagreements or people are triggered.

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