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Camp Rosey

A TIC youth program

Introducing Camp Rosey, launched in 2023! 


Camp Rosey is a culturally responsive and trauma-informed healing program that aims to support Native American and BIPOC youth in their journey of grief and loss. The name "Rosey" holds a special meaning as it honors a beloved relative of the Tahoma Indian Center. Rosey was a radiant soul who brought warmth and joy to everyone she encountered. Her infectious smile, sparkling eyes, and laughter filled every room she entered. She was a loving sister, cousin, auntie, mother, daughter, and friend, embodying the true essence of happiness and youth.


At Camp Rosey, we strive to create an environment where love and support are felt from the moment you arrive until the time you leave. Our program consists of two key components: a weekend healing camp during the summer and ongoing support groups throughout the year for youth and their families. The camp provides a safe space for young individuals who are grieving the loss of a significant person in their lives.


Camp Rosey is offered completely free of charge. We believe that healing should be accessible to all, and we are committed to removing as many financial barriers that may prevent individuals from participating as is possible. There are Two components to camp; a healing camp in the summertime for youth driving the death or loss of a significant person and ongoing community support events held each month.


Camp Rosey utilizes 

  • culture and traditional medicine

  • Activities designed to help provide healing from trauma for those experiencing deep loss

  •   referrals to mental health professionals for those seeking more structured and clinical help

  • Community support and lived experience  shared between families in camp Rosey​​

Empowering You and your loved ones

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Mary Bridge program

Peer-support group guidebook 

expansive resource bank

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Health and Wellness

Impact of alcohol and drug use on children and families

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Supportive Services

We Shall Remain

We Shall Remain

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