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Our History

At Tahoma Indian Center, we are committed to serving as a beacon of hope for the Native American community. For over three decades, we have worked tirelessly to help individuals and families achieve greater prosperity and wellbeing. We recognize the unique challenges faced by indigenous communities in Pierce County, and we are dedicated to addressing them head on through a diverse range of programs and initiatives. From education and holistic care to cultural preservation and advocacy, we strive to uplift our community in every way we can.

Executive Directors

Introducing Our Dedicated Elders

Tahoma Indian Center is a non-profit organization that serves Native communities in the Pacific Northwest. Our programs and services are designed to promote health, wellness, cultural practices, and vocational skills. We are grateful to the individuals and groups who have supported us over the years and would like to acknowledge our elders for their contributions to our community. With their support and that of our partners, we will continue to broaden our impact and foster resilience in Native communities.

Left to Right
Jeanette DeCoteau, Betty Sampson, Joan Staples Morin

At Tahoma Indian Center, we are extremely grateful for the role our elders have played in our growth and continuity. Through their tireless efforts, they ensured that our center remained a vital and valuable resource for our community. From organizing cultural events to providing essential services, they have been an inspiration and backbone to our organization since its inception. Their contributions will always be remembered and celebrated.

Jeanette DeCoteau, Betty Sampson and Joan Staples Morin
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